Guest Room #4 – Maria Kritter

Guest Room #4 – Maria Kritter

“Guest Room” series is a weekly playlist coming from DJs, music collectives, and music passionate whom decide to share their music creatures with NFO Radio! This week, we welcome Maria Kritter.

Maria Kritter started mixing vinyl for the first time in 2015 and hasn’t let go since.
A techno follower from a very young age, she began by listening to loads of Detroit techno with interest.In adulthood, she has a preference for darker techno, but also industrial techno, acid techno and 90s progressive techno, which, like everything from the 90s, excites her so much.She promotes techno around the world, but mixed strictly on vinyl.
Her motto is:


This set, recorded during the Christmas holidays, has a clear dark feel to it at least until the 38th minute.
After the track ‘Pain’ by Boy Harsher, in fact, I dabble in a change of genre that takes me towards acid and 90s progressive.

1. Anastasia Send – proem
2. Ariatidez – trepanacion
3. Chinosynth – Defender (Diskontrol Remix)
4. Damascus Knives – Why not accept me
5. Eugene Kunz – Anomalie (Chris Masc Remix)
6. Cortechs – Imperfect Circles
7. David Carretta/Kendal- No future
8. Lautaro Ibanez – My mind
9. Dennis Wehling – Holle (Atze ton remix)
10. T78 – King Randor
11. Boy Harsher – Pain
12.Accenter, Three O. – Acid bitch
13.The Prodigy – Breathe (Nicorus rework)
14. Interactive – Who is Elvis
15 Gijensu – Need for lead
16. Guess What?!


Listen more on Mixcloud from Maria Kritter 

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