#001 Something About Notwist – Side A/B

#001 Something About Notwist – Side A/B

This is our first “Something about…” series that we created around Notwist.

We decided to pick this mix because the opening and the ending jingle of our playlists use a small sample taken from the song “One With The Freaks” which is part of Neon Golden the album that got a more international visibility to the band in 2002.

Notwist is a band from Weilheim in Oberbayern, Germany. Their music is something precious but not easy to classify in a specific genre and by our own understanding it’s better if we say that they are in the Moor Music scene.

We think that the best way to describe music is by Listening to it! the Playlist is essentially a gathering of different angles and views about the world that spins around Notwist by collecting side projects, featuring with other bands and also helped producing other bands . Enjoy it!

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Why cassettina?
Cassettina mista o collage musicale tu chiamalo se vuoi mixtape o mixed-tape è una raccolta di canzoni o tracce, registrata in uno specifico ordine, tradizionalmente su un nastro audiocassettato che noi di NFO immaginiamo come un regalo speciale da ascoltare dove volete e perchè no qualora abbiate ancora uno di quei cimeli detti “mangianastri”, riprodurre fino a smagnetizzarne il nastro !

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