nowBside “No Fade Out”

nowBside “No Fade Out”

“noWhere nowHere” it is reffered to a note taken from a Philip K. Dick book of “Valis” trilogy. We traspone the duality of this word to the impact of music on our life.


when we read a book or watch a movie there is always some note coming from nowhere on our mind while we are reading or when we freeze thinking about the meaning of a movie we just wachted. All the posts will have a playlist attached inspired by a research that goes deep on a subject, book, movie, etc…


It is about all the door we open to the outside worlds, we host concerts, video interviews, DJ sets, social events.
When you have fun the voice spreads fast and many more joined the team. I discovered NFO during a chat with Andrea, music passionate and an old friend, then I proposed our Nowhere’s playlists as music cassette tapes to share on their schedule. Once agreed, the partnership was consolidated.

Few episodes were already shared so: “Dear Andrea, what’s better than celebrate creating a playlist together?” and hell yeah! we had fun merging memories of concerts together, something from the country where we currently live and something that reminds us of what we are doing right now! Instead, the introduction is recorded by Roberto! He is one of the co-founders of No Fade Out.


01. Motorpsycho – Now It’s Time to Skate
02. dEUS – Hotellounge (Be the Death Of Me)
03. Karate – Airport
04. Nina Nastasia feat. Jim White – I’ve Been Out Walking
05. Dirty Three – I Really Should’ve Gone Out Last Night
06. Lankum – The Wild Rover
07. BRNS – The Rumor
08. The Notwist – One With The Freaks
09. The Radio Dept. – Domestic Scene

About Nowhere:
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Why cassettina?
Cassettina mista o collage musicale tu chiamalo se vuoi mixtape o mixed-tape è una raccolta di canzoni o tracce, registrata in uno specifico ordine, tradizionalmente su un nastro audiocassettato che noi di NFO immaginiamo come un regalo speciale da ascoltare dove volete e perchè no qualora abbiate ancora uno di quei cimeli detti “mangianastri”, riprodurre fino a smagnetizzarne il nastro !

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