Something About “Slint” – Side A/B

#02 Something About “Slint” – Side A/B

Welcome to nowhere, while reading Philip K Dick I found a funny game that he did with the word nowhere: “No Where is Now Here” as teenager became my nickname. I always had in mind to start a community in order to share whatever envelops into art, music, cinema, gigs and all that goes around.

“Something about” series is back with one of the most influential band from the 90s!

Slint is an American band formed in Louisville (Kentucky) in 1986. The critics consider them to be one of the seminal bands that shaped a new approach in music called Post-Rock. Nothing is new but everything is never the same. Would you be able to define happiness with a single grade of one colour? What impressed us is that there were teenager when they compose such complex and beautiful songs.

They come from HC Punk (Squirrel Bait) but their music evolved in something completely different. After the dissolution, they had a multitude of collaborations as The Jesus Lizard, The Breeders and Side projects like The For Carnation, Aerial M, King Kong, Watter came out, we had to select the more representative. We will go through them with a follow up Playlist in the future.

The Spiderland LP Cover picture was taken by Will Oldham who is part of the list as Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy during an illegal shooting to a quarry that brought them to spent a night in prison. The Interviews are taken from Breadcrumb Trail Documentary.

About Nowhere:


01. Britt Walford Parents Interview
02. Slint – Breadcrumb Trail
03. The Jesus Lizard – Mouth Breather
04. Squirrel Bait – Kid Dynamite
05. The Breeders – Oh!
06, King Kong – I’m Free
07. Bonnie Prince Billy – One With the Birds
08. The For Carnation – Snoother
09. Watter – Bloody Monday
10. Aerial M – Dazed and Awake
11. Intro Live Chicago 1989
12. Slint – Good Morning, Captain
13. Outro Live Chicago 1989

Why cassettina?
Cassettina mista o collage musicale tu chiamalo se vuoi mixtape o mixed-tape è una raccolta di canzoni o tracce, registrata in uno specifico ordine, tradizionalmente su un nastro audiocassettato che noi di NFO immaginiamo come un regalo speciale da ascoltare dove volete e perchè no qualora abbiate ancora uno di quei cimeli detti “mangianastri”, riprodurre fino a smagnetizzarne il nastro !


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