Guest Room #5 – Radio Frappè with Olek Olek

Guest Room #5 – Radio Frappè with Olek Olek

“Guest Room” series is a weekly playlist coming from DJs, music collectives, and music passionate whom decide to share their music creatures with NFO Radio! This week, we welcome Radio Frappè with Olek Olek!

“The Butter Meltdown” monthly show is a condensate of what’s up and running in the Belgian jazz atmosphere, stretching its borders to englobe hip-hop vibes, beats structures, electronic soundscapes, noise presence and beyond. What happens when you decide to leave what’s obvious and go for the unheard ? Olek Olek is guiding its audience to extend the perception of audition and reveal new sounds & imaginaries. It’s the experience of forgetting the obvious to approach different essences. It’s also about giving the space for new up and coming bands & formations in the scene to deploy their universe and gatekeeping the spirit of new.

“And always remember, don’t play the butter notes” – Herbie Hancock

STUFF. – Cumulus
TUKAN – Crapaud Blanc
Lander & Adriaan – Marimba (VOLTA session)
Bandler Ching – Opalescent
An Pierlé Quartet – Slippery Fish
Echoes of Zoo – Dance Around Bullets
Glass Museum – Clothing
KAU trio. – Wait
Nubiyan Twist ft Ego Ella May – 24/7
PAARD. – Happy Crazy
Steiger – Lambda
KAU trio. – Bag
KAU trio. – Bag B-Side
Peenoise – Again
schntzl – lovers b
Steiger – Malinka


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