Let’s Start “noWhere is NowHere” – Side A/B

#00 Let’s Start “noWhere is NowHere” – Side A/B

Welcome to nowhere, while reading Philip K Dick I found a funny game that he did with the word nowhere: “No Where is Now Here” as teenager became my nickname. I always had in mind to start a community in order to share whatever envelops into art, music, cinema, gigs and all that goes around.

We are based in Dublin city, join us!

Cheers from all of us!

This is our Episode #00 it is a funny research that we did selecting all the bands we love that wrote a song with the word nowhere on their title, we are surprised of the numerous tracks we found so we might follow up with another similar playlist in the near future. At the very start and end you will hear small cuts from the 1996 movie Nowhere by Gregg Araki.

About Nowhere: https://nowheremusic.wixsite.com/blog/about

00. Gregg Araki Nowhere 1996 Movie
01. Calexico – Bridge to Nowhere
02. Bright Eyes – We Are Nowhere And It’s Now
04. Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere
05. Bruce Springsteen – Radio Nowhere
06. Elliot Smith – Going Nowhere
07. Neil Young – Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
08. Led Zeppelin – Hots on for Nowhere
09. The Replacements – Nowhere Is My Home
10. Stiff Little Fingers – Here We Are Nowhere
11. The Smiths – Nowhere Fast
12. B Movie – Nowhere Girl
13. Lydia Lunch – This Side of Nowhere 99. Gregg Araki Nowhere End

Why cassettina?
Cassettina mista o collage musicale tu chiamalo se vuoi mixtape o mixed-tape è una raccolta di canzoni o tracce, registrata in uno specifico ordine, tradizionalmente su un nastro audiocassettato che noi di NFO immaginiamo come un regalo speciale da ascoltare dove volete e perchè no qualora abbiate ancora uno di quei cimeli detti “mangianastri”, riprodurre fino a smagnetizzarne il nastro !

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